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Tipsy is a Chrome browser extension that will allow you to support online content. Just install the app and keep browsing as you always do. Tipsy will then remind you to donate to the creators of the content you like, giving more to the ones you liked the best.


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Getting Paid

link tag

If you create content you can start getting paid right away. One way to get paid is to include a link tag in the head of your site with rel="author" and name="John Smith" attributes. You can then include the payment processors with whom you would accept payment. You would insert something looking like this:

<link rel="author" name="John Smith" data-paypal="">

After you do this, any user who has Tipsy installed will automatically be generating payments based on browsing activity on your site! For particular payment processors Tipsy uses different formats:

  • PayPal:

    Just include your PayPal email address, like in the example aboved. That's all!
  • Dwolla:

    In order to accept Dwolla payments you will need to include your key in the author tag. In order to generate this key you need to create an account with dwolla. Then you need to generate a button. Don't worry too much about all the different fields or button types - it doesn't matter since all we need is the key. Once you've created the button, go back to this page. There, you should see your key. This is the key that would be in any button you place on a website, that would be visible to anyone lookig at the source. You can then include this as an attribute in the link tag described above like so: data-dwolla="kRrCD32hkwH0E7ldn/xeI/WCQKqR2dVPLuQjF6Bu/g4OlMnZa9".

The name attribute is optional. It lets you choose how you would like Tipsy users to identify you. It does not have to be you real name. It can also be the name of your company or organization.

Generate the Link Tag

We can produce the link tag for you so that all you need to do is paste it into your site! Click on the button below:


Another way to get paid is to include a tipsy.txt file in the root of your domain. This file is similar in spirit to the common robots.txt and can be read by Tipsy to learn about how you accept payments. You can also specify optional authorship information. Even though tipsy.txt would be placed at the root of your domain you can specify different payment properties for different sub-domains. The format is as follows:

Line 1 : [version-nr]
Line 2 : [cache duration-amount] [cache duration unit]
Line 3 and on: [url prefix] [payment processor 1]=[info for payment processor 1]|[payment processor 2]=[info for payment processor 2] [authorship info]

Line 1: Version Nr

The version number is used by Tipsy to decide what format version is being used. The current version nr. is 0.0.1.

Line 2: Cache Duration

Tipsy will remember the tipsy.txt information since accessing it takes time. After a specified time, Tipsy will fetch the information again. You choose this time by choosing a cache duration amount (any integer number) and a cache duration unit which is h, d or w (hour, day or week). Make sure to leave a space between the amount and the unit. For example, if you want Tipsy to fetch the tipsy.txt information after 5 hours you would place 5 h in the second line.

Line 3 and on: Payment Information

From line 3 and on you can place the payment information that apply to your content. The first entry, [url prefix], you place on the line is the url prefix of the page your content is on. For example, of you site is and you have content on, you would place mycontent.html as the first entry of the third line. If you don't want to specify the sub-domains you should place a * for [url prefix] on line 3.
The next entry lets you specify the payment processors and their information. For [payment processor 1] you could have paypal and for [info for payment processor 1] you could have your paypal email. Remember to place the "=" sign between them. You could place multiple payment processors and their respective inforamtion, just make sure to separate them by a "|". The last entry, [authorship info] is optional and lets you specify some information to indetify yourself to the user, eg. your name or the name of your organization. You are free to place whatever you wish. Make sure to keep a space between it and the last [info for payment processor].
You can specify as many different sub-domains as you need by just adding lines.

Here is an example of a tipsy.txt page:

2:3 d
3:*|dwolla=kRrCD32hkwH0E7ldn/xeI/WCQKqR Philippe
4:test.html Tim


Make sure you follow the format carefully. Line 1 starts at the top of your tipsy.txt. Leave a single space between each of the fields and don't forget the "=" and "|" signs for the payment information.

To find your dwolla key follow the instructions in the previous section.

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